Using Networking to your Advantage

California entrepreneur Jack Rochel has recently attended two conferences in Las Vegas. Both were important networking opportunities for his company, Epsilon Electronics Inc., and for himself. The innovative businessman has understood ever since he graduated from business school that often times, it is about who you know rather than what you know in certain markets.

Jack Rochel

For that reason, he has marketed himself at multiple conferences, and gradually more recently. As his Epsilon Electronics Inc. quickly expands and management layers grow, Jack can permit himself to take time to promote the company at these events. Networking is critical in our developing world. As everything transfers to electronic communications and operations, personal relationships are growing in value for businesses and customers. Personal relationships enable businesses or individuals to stand out and come and stay at the forefront of someone’s mind.

Additionally, Jack understands that maintaining and having personal relationships, those being dealt with are more likely to trust and have desire to work with them. By cultivating and leveraging a larger network, people will be inclined to work with the networker(s) understanding that the relationship would be mutually beneficial. Most often, relationships will work well if both give a little and take a little. In his personal life, Jack Rochel gives and does not expect anything in return. While running his business, it is natural that he expects something in return as his job as president is to oversee and delegate profitable operations.

Jack Rochel continues to study and understand networking. He not only attends conferences, he also takes time to get to know his employees, go out with family and friends, meet new people, and be social. Key things he does to stay sociable and ready to network include looking for ways to help others, maintaining contact with people when things are good (not only when he may need them), praising and passing on the praise to others, and sharing positive experiences like anecdotes. He encourages young entrepreneurs to do the same to keep all doors open, open others, and make maintain healthy relationships.

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