Top Wearable Tech Accessories That are Considered Fashionable Today

Fashion accessories for women are a great way to spruce up a simple or plain outfit. Every fashionista knows that knowing how to incorporate pops of color, and how to mix and match prints with solids can liven up an outfit and even turn the usual, go-to ensemble into a trendy look.

Top Wearable Tech Accessories That are Considered Fashionable Today

Update Your Style With the Latest Techsessories

Gadgets like tablets, smartphones, go with us everywhere, and aside from taking care of it by protecting it with cases and sleeves, we can do a great deal in matching them with our daily outfits with all the available techie yet fashionable accessories women can choose from all over the world. Listed below are 4 wearable tech accessories that fashionistas will definitely love.

Classy and Stylish Headphones

Headphones can serve a dual purpose. It doesn’t just allow you to listen to music anywhere you want, it can also be the perfect headpiece to match your whole look. One of the best brands to go to for hip and trendy women’s headphones is Frends. They sell stylish headphones with customizable caps with a number of colors, textures, and designs to choose from. Their most popular headphones are the Taylor and Layla headphones because they are versatile enough to be incorporated into any type of outfit.

Other brands to check out: Beats by Dr. Dre, Urban Ears, and Molami

Artistic Iphone and Tablet Cases

The great thing about Iphone and tablet cases is that not only are they functional, they can also be a great way to express one’s style and taste with all the available designs and prints to choose from in the market. Case varieties can be made from fabric, leather, acrylic, jelly cases and so much more. There’s definitely a case that will suit every personality.

Brands to check out: Many luxury and commercial fashion brands have released their own lines of Iphone and tablet cases. These include Anthem Wares, Kate Spade, as well as Dolce and Gabbana to name a few.

Interesting On-the-Go Chargers

Mobile phone chargers either come in black or white. Although these are safe and solid color options, it wouldn’t hurt to connect with your creative side and turn your gadget charger into a statement piece. Mobile chargers aren’t just confined to walls and sockets anymore; there are portable options, phone cases with built-in chargers that you can take with you anywhere, some of which have stylish designs that can definitely blend well with your OOTD.

Brands to check out: Jonathan Adler, J. Crew, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade and many more.

Versatile Laptop Cases

You may have to be prim and proper in front of your boss, but you don’t have to make boring fashion choices too. Don’t be afraid to make a statement in the workplace, by accessorizing your laptop with a trendy or artsy laptop case. Whether you’re sporting business attire or that casual Friday look, there’s a great case that will match the office vibe while still channelling your inner fashion diva.

Brands to check out: Alexander Wang, Kenzo, Kate Spade, Coach, Lanvin, etc.

No matter what your style is, don’t be afraid to accessorize. There are loads of items to choose from that can turn a drab outfit into an absolutely fabulous one. You don’t have to look like a geek when you can be totally chic with these great fashion accessories for women.

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