Why not use Instagram while sitting in office


Well, recently there has been some complaints made by the Bosses of the companies about their employees constantly using Instagram in the offices. It was stated by the company owner that since Sim card internet usage cost nothing more than a dime employees tend to use more of the apps and Instagram is above of them all. So the question arises why that happens does employ gets less work on the job or they are bored of the work so they switch themselves on to the Instagram. Well, Instagram has been getting attention all over the world and it was only matter of the time that Instagram became more important than the work at the office. Since now it is a variable known by all bosses. If you want to get fame overnight then go here.

Reason 1

While you are at work you have more obligation to the work that you came at a job where you need to devote your time and perform the task at given hand. People tempt to do different things when they are at work and their work keeps on being neglected that can harm the work they are doing. Let me ask you a question relating to this you are thirsty and your throat is burning you want some water. You ask a person XYZ to bring a glass of water he stands up to go to the water cooler and instead of pouring water for you. he starts using the mobile phone. So what you will say now you either will scream at him or abuse him because instead of doing the work you asked him to do he is wandering off. So that is why you need to have a moral obligation towards your work.

Reason 2

While you are using the Instagram there is so many works that is being neglected. Since offices nowadays work at daily bases you might have to end this work today. Because next day there will be some other work. Since you didn’t do the last day work and seeing the work pile up you will loose the motivation of doing the work at the speed you do at normal days hence. You will do more Instagram and in the end, one thing that will happen is too much work load.

Reason 3

Since nowadays people using too much cellphones time in office. The bosses have banned mobile phone and put a notice that anyone found using Instagram on mobiles phones in offices they will get salary cutout. So if you are Instagram addicted and your offices is one of the ban phones offices. You need to Sort you priority because no matter what you do you have to work the job. So if you get a cut out for all the work you still did for a lowly break on Instagram you will get tired. So its better be safe than sorrow.

These are the few reasons that Instagram should be avoided in the offices.

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