Murphy Ben International

Murphy Ben international is a Nigerian company that operates from 27 African countries. The company specializes in multiple industries offering goods and services which include online malls/shopping digital TV, web services, and even e-learning. They are the parent company of AFOREVO (Africa Online Revolution). Owning 3 entertainment websites and showing interest in a couple of others, Ben Murphy international is expanding quickly increasing their web presence daily. Before becoming incorporated in 2012, Murphy Ben international realized business encounters and opportunities are shifting to the virtual world. By shifting their attention to a greater and more achievable audience, the company has been able to employ 400 people as well as bring out entrepreneurial drive within their employees. With the slogan “Be Ur Boss”, the diverse company promotes a rein-free environment for employees to work comfortably in.

Moreover, Murphy Ben international is has initiated a campaign called “I Am Wonderfully Made”. The campaign was designed to raise awareness about pessimistic interpretations of other religions, ethnicities, and cultures. On a global scale, the company intends on helping fight the war against racism. Not only does the initiative contribute to society but it gives the employees the opportunity to work towards something greater than them and be a contributing factor to the growth of society.

Additionally, Murphy Ben international has as a mission to promote African artists and African entertainment. The founder, Murphy Anawana, is especially proud of African culture. He believes the best way to promote that is visually and virtually through YouTube. The company has become the largest YouTube partner in Africa and intends on continuing to penetrate big name social medias. Thus, showcasing, creating, and aggregating African content with AFOREVO for the greater audience of the world.  Murphy Ben international has high hopes of building positive relationships with the world and African culture just as much as with their clients.

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