How to Manage a Diverse Workplace?

In large cities, it is quite common to work with people from different people of all sorts of backgrounds. Therefore learning about those different demographics and cultures will help an organization work more efficiently in a group. But it is somewhat of a challenge to manage a diverse group of people since their standards of ethics vary from culture to culture even between gender and age.

Generally, women show higher standards of ethics compared to men depending on the situation. When considering the ethics of monetary issues, men and women have similar outlooks but when if comes to organizational rules, this is where there is a difference. But when people get older, their view on ethics change as well since they are more bothered by unethical conduct than younger people.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. employs various kinds of people of all ages and cultural backgrounds and gender. They notice that depending on the cultural background of an employee, they will find a certain situation unethical compared to another culture. There has been a study undertaken where American, Indian and Korean managers have been studied. Generally, they found Korean believe being ethical is not synonymous with being profitable. It is more acceptable to them as well as Indians to engage in software piracy, sharing insider information and favoritism.

In the United States, damaging the environment for one’s gain was not seen as very unethical compared to India and Korea.

Jack Rochel, the CEO and president of Epsilon Electronics Inc. has to engage with people and therefore communicate with managers from overseas. In order to properly and effectively understand ethical and unethical behavior from various backgrounds, it is best to offer training to employees.

When Epsilon Electronics Inc. opened other headquarters in a different country; they cannot impose American ethical standards because it is different from local standards. For example, in Bangladesh it is common for young children to work in factories even though that is not the standard in North America. In some cases, these children were even the sole monetary providers in their families and firing them because they do not meet the minimum age requirement in the US would have a devastating aftermath for the company that would fired them.

Some countries which Epsilon Electronics Inc. has dealt witch prefer to deal with the same culture as them even if someone else with slightly better qualifications send their resume. It is best to black out the name of a candidate when resumes are being looked at.

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