Jack Rochel Highlights the Importance of Flexibility in the Workplace

Flexibility at work is necessary for both employees and management. Although change can be scary, often times change can be refreshing for a company and healthy.

 Jack Rochel Highlights the Importance of Flexibility in the Workplace

Jack Rochel, a successful businessman has been the president of the same company for the past two decades. In his time there, he has learnt that his company, all companies, cannot avoid change, especially in the era of the Internet and digital and wireless technologies.

Embracing change can expand the opportunities of a company and it’s employees. Today’s work environment is fluid which mends that employees who are able to adapt to changing priorities are considered very valuable; over their intellectual property. To add, being flexible can help balance work life and personal life. Instead of resisting change, embrace it. Plan ahead but if there are bumps in the road, move on or take the time to find a solution. Personal duties and needs used to be associated and restricted to evenings and weekends, however today, it is more easy to stay connected and work while keeping in touch with personal life.

Being flexible will make employees and oneself more responsive to change. Changing dynamics in one’s personal life and at work means that one needs to adapt to change, often quickly. Resisting can lead to stress, and amplifying the difficulty of that change.

Jack Rochel knows being flexible is advantageous in many ways. It showcases that one values diversity in the workplace; most often creates a win-win situation when looked at positively; allows for management to manage effectively. Being flexible creates an environment where management and workers can look at wrk and personal needs with a balance approach, resulting in mutual benefits.

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