How to Learn more Effectively

Not everyone learns and studies the same way. Therefore, it is important to know what style learner you are to be able to retain more information. One style learner is visual, which mean you retain information better when you see it. Diagrams, flow charts and graphics are just a few examples of things you can use if you are a visual learner.

Auditory learners primarily depend on lectures, videos, and even conversations to retain information. There are even kinesthetic learners who need to apply what they learned and just study on a trial and error basis. Mandy Liang miss chinese Toronto, has had a lot of success in her life lately. She as won the pageant in 2013 and is currently working as an investment advisor. One can say she has both the beauty and the brains. She had to first figure out primarily what kind of way she retains information. There are free tests online to see where you stand.

Once it is established as to which learner you are, there are some tips you can use to your advantage. If you are a visual learner, keep taking notes in class and in meetings to refer back to them later, draw pictures to understand something better and with the use of charts, summarize main points. If you are mainly an auditory learner, it is best to join study groups, write down instructions heard in meetings and even go a step further and record sessions if all parties are fine with it. Lastly, if you consider yourself a kinesthetic learner, it is best to take breaks in between your homework or study sessions and reading.

When Mandy Liang miss chinese Toronto was studying in finance, she found that using flash cards helped out a lot. This way, each type of learner can also benefit from this exercise. An auditory learner will study better since the answer will be said aloud. Visual learners will benefit by seeing the answers written down on the cards. Kinesthetic learners need to be the ones creating and putting together the flash cards to get the concepts to stick.

Even if you think you are dominantly a certain style learner, it is best to mix it up and pick up other ways of learning. You never know since it can help reinforce a point you would not have been able to memorize in the first place. Mandy Liang miss chinese Toronto has to know what works for her and study based on that. There are dance rehearsals, speeches, and talent showcase, which participants have to ace.

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