Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier

Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier

Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier

Quick Review Summary

The Frigidaire FAD704DWD is the majority accepted dehumidifier on the market now. This unit has conventional additional positive feedback from customers than any other dehumidifier you can buy. Reading during customer reviews you’ll find one glowing appraisal after another recounting how this is the unlimited best option in the 70 pint dehumidifier size class. We are happy to statement that our own difficult and analysis of this unit back up these claim 100%. The FAD704DWD was an outstanding performer in our genuine world replicated performance tests. It’s is a filled sized 70 pint dehumidifier so it can handle still the most demanding residential moisture problems. This unit merely does a great job of responsibility what a dehumidifier wants to do – it removes dampness from the ambient air speedily and efficiently. And you’d be astonished to find that it does so extremely peacefully. This is one of the quietest dehumidifiers we experienced. For the reason that it’s so quiet, this Frigidaire dehumidifier is an outstanding choice be supposed to you need to dehumidify a livelihood space where you plan on expenditure a lot of time such as a living wage room or bedroom. We as well note here that it has one of the major condensate anthology buckets of a few of the 70 pint dehumidifiers we experienced at 16.3 pints. This means that you’ll have to pour out this unit’s bucket and put back it less often than you would for similar unit.

Not only determination you be removing humidity quickly, silently, and professionally, but you’ll be responsibility so dependably. Many of the dehumidifiers we tested have a high proportion of less than planetary consumer review with users comment on their dehumidifier contravention following a few months of use. Not so through this Frigidaire. You’ll find to a great extent, greatly lower percentage of negative reviews recitation faulty units when skim during this unit’s customer review. Once additional, our own hard and analysis reverse up these claim. We experimental the FAD704DWD to be one of the majorities well built dehumidifiers we inexperienced. This unit is construct from superior excellence parts and it showed as we tested and compare this unit to 9 extra 70 pint unit we reviewed. The Frigidaire was in the higher echelon of highly tough solidly constructing dehumidifiers we tested for our reviews. We do not for one second hesitation the consistency of this unit and wouldn’t hesitate to advocate it to even the most doubtful buyer.

Finally, we have to talk about this unit’s value. At $225 the Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier is astonishingly affordable for a large ability 70 pint dehumidifier. Most additional 70 pint units we experienced retail for at most $240-250. The Frigidaire is a huge buy at its price point. For $225 you’re in receipt of a full size large ability dehumidifier that’s leaving to be able to handle still the toughest most humid circumstances in any size indoor living space. We provide the FAD704DWD our highest proposal. You purely can’t go wrong with this dehumidifier. Our full review as well as an extensive discussion of this unit’s presentation in each one review category follows lower than.

Note: we are able to at times be very serious in our reviews. Scoring poorly in an exacting category or subcategory does not construct any particular dehumidifier a poor choice in general. As we mention in our general buyer’s conduct, each one dehumidifier we tested have its own set of fault. Not one unit was just the thing. Stay this in mind as you read our FAD704DWD review beneath or any extra review we have written.

Performance Test Results

Energy Efficiency

We tested all units at just about 50% relative dampness for energy usage. While the FAD704DWD tested only standard in this category, it wasn’t less energy efficient than the majority efficient units by a extensive margin. The unit is rate at 745 watts by the company. At 50% humidity the Frigidaire simply drew 632 watts of power compare to 590 watts for the nearly all energy well-organized units we tested.

Note that the dehumidifier will describe closer to the manufacturer individual 745 watts of power in higher dampness environment (above 80% RH). At lower clamminess, power draw will be less, and the unit be supposed to draw power closer to what we deliberate in our genuine world test (632 watts).

The base line here is that the Frigidaire wasn’t the mainly energy competent large ability dehumidifier we tested. Though, the difference flanked by this unit’s power draw and that of the most excellent performing units is unimportant at best and this Frigidaire is motionless a very energy well-organized dehumidifier.

Noise Output

The Frigidaire performs actually well in all four of our noise production tests. Of the ten 70 pint unit we inexperienced, the Frigidaire be the quietest top wear out fan unit. Three of the ten units we tested had a surface exhaust fan at the same time as the residual seven had an exhaust fan at the top of the unit. Those units with side wear out fans all had lower noise output reading, not since they were the quietest but merely because the exhaust give vent to was pointing gone from where the reading was in use. In any casing, the Frigidaire was normally one of the quietest dehumidifiers we hardened. It perform well in together the control panel reading which was in use right after that to the unit, and the 10 foot test in which the reading be in use 10 feet from the unit to replicate a real world location.

Moisture Removal

Of the ten 70 pint units we veteran, the Frigidaire positioned 7th in our 90-40% humidity removal test and 5th in our 80-50% moisture taking away test. It was concerning 1 min 30 seconds slower than the most excellent performing units in the first test and regarding 1 minute slower than the most excellent performing units in the second test. If you require a dehumidifier that takes away moisture as quickly as potential we recommend moreover the Danby or ArcticAire 70 pint units. Note that you may be responsibility so at the cost of the unit’s long life and durability as we talk as regards extra below.

Note that the Frigidaire’s regular performance in our moisture removal test do not indicate that this unit won’t remove 70 pints of moisture per day or that it won’t execute well in extremely humid circumstances. What the tests do demonstrate is that it will still take away moisture, just not as speedily as some of the large ability units we tested. The majority likely cause it didn’t carry out as well as the Danby and Arctic ire units, specially, is the actuality that the Frigidaire’s fans function at a lower CFM. The Frigidaire merely pulls air onto its evaporator coils less rapidly than the Danby unit does. This decrease noise output (and might also boost strength) but as well results in less maneuver moisture removal.

As we completed our analysis of each dehumidifier routine in this test we notice a definite connection stuck between moisture removal rate and toughness. Regrettably, it appears to be a converse relationship. Those units through the highest moisture removal rates usually have much worse customer reviews than the Frigidaire. The FAD704DWD (and additional units that perform similarly in our moisture removal tests) appear to strike a fragile balance between remove moisture speedily and doing so dependably as is established by the overwhelmingly constructive consumer feedback it has conventional.

Hygrometer Accuracy

The Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier is tested to read the ambient air’s clamminess level to inside 5-6% of the real room moisture. It is one of no more than two 70 pint units we tested that read in 5% percentage increase (the additional eight 70 pint units read in 1% increment). The Frigidaire’s hygrometer lack the correctness of a few of the additional units we tested excluding its precision is incomplete since it can only read in 5% percentage increase.

Integrated Features, Functionality, Build Superiority, Warranties, and Assessment

The Frigidaire was a standard to more than average performer in our presentation tests. Where it really shines, however, is in strength, value, features and functionality, every one of which we’ll cover in feature below.

Durability (Build Superiority)


Electronic control

To assess build superiority we look at more than a few factors, the first organism whether the unit’s water container is built-in by means of a brace. Brace crossways the top of the water tank make it much sturdier when transport it from the dehumidifier to where the container is empty. Most water tanks (as well called condensate compilation buckets) in the 70 pint size class can embrace at smallest amount 14 pints of water. This quantity of water can be extremely heavy when organism moved from the unit to anywhere the condensate is removed. The manufacturer’s choice to comprise brace crossways the top of the tank strongly indicate that build excellence was precedence in the design procedure. This Frigidaire unit does include a brace crossways the peak of the water tank.

General Impressions

Otherwise, we experiential this unit to generally be extremely well construct. High quality parts were used in the developed of this unit. This was particularly true for the unit’s water tank with its control panel. The water tank undergo the most mistreatment of any the plastic parts of the dehumidifier. Following to the water tank is the control panel. You’ll continually be urgent buttons to adjust setting on the unit. Both parts are sturdily designed and at least appear to have above standard strength as we tested this unit and compare it to the nine additional 70 pint units we tested.


While not of necessity forever the case, a heavier unit can point toward that heavier and more powerful materials were worn in the industrialized of the dehumidifier. The Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier be one of the more important units we tested. Even as not ultimate in determining whether a dehumidifier is construct of high superiority parts, we usually found those units that were heavier to be improved constructed than the lightest units we experienced.

Compressor Shake

Several of the units we tested would move concerning a small on their casters when the compressor on the entity kicks in (what we call “compressor shake”). This Frigidaire unit be one of three 70 pint units we expert that knowledgeable illustrious compressor shake while the unit’s compressor cycled latent on.

Consumer Feedback

Perhaps the mainly important factor when assess the robustness of any dehumidifier is customer feedback. All of the 19 dehumidifiers we experienced worked correctly and performed estimably for the 30 days while we were difficult them. However, it would be not possible for us to run these units incessantly for several months and even more than a few years to test the durability and long life of the same units over a longer phase of time.

To truly review the durability of these units we seem to buyer reviews. Specially, we look for 1 and 2 star (out of 5) reviews as these normally point toward a imperfect or broken unit.

The Frigidaire FAD704DWD has the most number of whole buyer reviews (positive and negative) of several of the units we tested. Of the 3092 reviews (by the side of the time of this writing), 9% are 1 or 2 star ratings. Even as this indicate an just about 90% success rate, the 10%+ of customers leaving 1 or 2 star ratings does at first come into view to be a high number.

Let’s get a closer look at these numbers. First of all, this unit has review from as far back as February, 2014. A lot of of the dehumidifiers we tested contain reviews starting in the summer and fall of 2014, not so long ago. Since the reviews for the FAD704DWD start longer ago there has be more time for equipment to go wrong with these units. Secondly, the 10% “failure” rate is actually not very high compared to mainly of the dehumidifiers we tested. In fact, mainly of the 70 pint units we tested (6 of 10) contain at least 10% 1 and 2 star ratings. In information, only the Keystone and the Delonghi have a superior ratio of optimistic to negative reviews than the Frigidaire. Other units moreover have a higher pessimistic review rate (higher than 10%) or the example size of reviews for the exacting unit is too miniature for us to match up to it to the Frigidaire.

In conclusion, this unit is the nearly all popular seller and consequently there has been many additional of these units shipped out than a few of the other dehumidifiers we experienced. It is usually true for online reviews that a purchaser is greatly more likely to leave a unhelpful review than a optimistic one as most consumers with a optimistic knowledge aren’t almost as aggravated to leave a optimistic review as those consumers with a unhelpful knowledge are aggravated to leave a harmful review. This fact is much additional pronounced for more well-liked items.

Overall Score

Our own explanation point toward that the Frigidaire ought to be a very tough dehumidifier. Unluckily, we were only clever to test this component for a few weeks and we cannot actually rely on our own explanation in influential just how tough this unit actually is.

Fortunately, we have an profusion of consumer reviews for this component to draw additional dependable conclusions from (no pun future). As we noted above, simply the Keystone and Delonghi units have conventional a higher proportion of positive reviews than the Frigidaire. The Keystone is the largest part inexpensive 70 pint dehumidifier we tested and since of its lower price lacks convinced features that are in attendance on the Frigidaire. The Delonghi, on the additional hand, is the nearly all exclusive 70 pint unit we experienced, and you most likely won’t consider it as a buying alternative unless you require a unit with a built-in pump.

The base line here is that the Frigidaire is the most excellent reviewed all approximately best the theater 70 pint dehumidifier we tested. For this cause we give this unit a just right 5/5 for durability.

Adjustability Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier


Like eight additional (of ten total) 70 pint units we tested, the Frigidaire simply allows you to regulate the desired moisture level in 5% increment.


Similar to half of the 70 pint units we tested, the FAD704DWD allow you to set together a delayed start and a belated stop in half hour increment up to 10 hours and then in 1 hour increment from 11 hours up to 24 hours. We establish it interesting that so a lot of of the 70 pint units we tested had this similar limitation on the timer – half hour increment only up to 10 hours then 1 hour increment up to 24 hours – until we realize that these same units can simply show 2 digits on their LED display. Of course, half hour increment can be display in 2 digits up to 9.5 hours (e.g. 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 … 8.5, 9.0, 9.5). After 10 hours, though, display the time in half hour increment would necessitate three digits (e.g. 10.5, 11.5, etc.). Thus, the information that you can simply set the timer in 1 hour increment after 10 hours isn’t an chance decision by the company, but rather a consequence of the manufacturer’s choice to use simply a 2 digit LED present for the dehumidifier.

We must note here that the additional half of the 70 pint units we tested simply agree to you to set the timer in 1 hour increment up to 24 hours (they as well had 2 digit LED display so here the lack of half hour increment was in information chance), so if setting a additional exact time delay beneath 10 hours is imperative to you, then the Frigidaire (and the additional five units by timers that can be set in half hour increment up to 10 hours) must rate above normal for you in this finicky category.

Number of Fan Speeds

Like eight other 70 pint unit we tested, the Frigidaire offer only two fan speeds, elevated and low. just the GE ADEL70LR offer added than two fan speeds in the 70 pint type (it offers high, low and medium fan speed setting).

Extra Modes

The Frigidaire offers a constant mode, which can be a extremely helpful and is a reasonably common characteristic in larger size dehumidifiers. In general, you would set a preferred moisture level and fan speed and then the unit’s compressor resolve shut off when it reach this beloved level. In this mode the unit will operate incessantly, despite of the ambient air’s moisture level and you do not set a preferred moisture level. The Frigidaire does not comprise an auto mode .

Overall Category Score

The FAD704DWD offers ordinary humidistat setting and an above regular timer. It also features a incessant mode, which can be very supportive in certain situation. We give the Frigidaire a 4/5 used for adjustability.

Versatility Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier

Set Humidity Range

Continuous pump option

The FAD704DWD can be set to a preferred humidity level as little as 35% and as high as 85%. While there are countless units in this size division that offer a a little less limited set dampness range (the Danby Premiere Pro can be position to from 30% to 90%, for exemplar), 35% to 85% is actually all that you’re going to require for most humidity problems for more than a few reasons. First of all, we propose a humidity level flanked by 40% and 60% for a healthy living situation. 35% is previously below this healthy variety. The only cause why you would set the unit to 35% is to accomplish 40% relation humidity contentedly and constantly. Additionally, setting the preferred humidity level above 85% is presently not amazing you’re likely to do. Only in the most great and unique suitcases might you desire to set the desired clamminess level to 90% in its place of 85%. Thus, even as we can simply give this unit an regular rating for this exacting feature, the vast best part of consumers will discover the Frigidaire’s set clamminess range more than sufficient for any particular application.

Operating Temperature Range

Frigidaire recommend that the unit no more than be used in temperatures range from 41° F to 96° F. Again, only in tremendous cases will you need a unit that can work outer exterior of these restrictions. As well, this temperature range is beautiful much typical for all the dehumidifiers we tested. Many, in fact, have a rather more limited range (42.8 to 95 is one more common range).

Gravity Drainage

Dehumidifiers in general collect water in a condensate anthology bucket that fits into the genuine dehumidifier. When the container fills up the unit mechanically shuts off until you take away the bucket, untaken it by removing the composed condensate (water), and place the bucket backside into the dehumidifier. To evade having to always empty and replace a condensate compilation bucket, all dehumidifiers consist of an external drainage option which involve attach a hose to the back or surface of the unit. The condensate is then exhausted through the hose in its place of accumulating in the condensate compilation bucket. This kind of drainage is called gravity drainage, because the hose have to be placed beneath where it exits as of the dehumidifier so that severity can do the work of difficult the water from the dehumidifier into an outside drain.

You will not discover a gravity drain hose integrated with your pay for of the Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier. You will require to supply your own typical garden hose to fasten to the gravity drain port on the flipside of this unit. responsibility so has its reimbursement as you can make a decision how long you wish for the hose to be and what quality you desire the hose to be (most of the drain hoses incorporated with other units are made of despicable thin grooved plastic).

We note now that a few of the 70 pint dehumidifiers we tested incorporated a gravity drain hose with the unit. Even as this is a nice adding, it also come with a few negative. First of all, the integrated hose has a set extent and if you require the unit to drain additional than the hose extent you’ll need to buy a divide hose anyhow. Secondly, most units that present an integrated gravity hose are as well more luxurious than those that do not comprise a hose (such as this Frigidaire component).

Built-in Pump

Three of the ten 70 pint units tested as well take in a built-in pump which allow you use up the unit to a position that is at a higher height than the dehumidifier’s setting. This functionality does approach with a price, though, as you resolve need to use up at slightest $250 for a dehumidifier through a built-in pump.

This Frigidaire unit does not consist of a built-in pump. You will require to purchase a condensate pump individually should you need this functionality.

Overall Category Score

At the same time as the Frigidaire offers no more than an average set moisture range, it must prove to be additional than adequate for the majority of inhabited applications. The Frigidaire does proffer a somewhat above average in service temperature array. A gravity drainage hose is not integrated and the unit as well does not offer a built-in pump. Since the unit’s standard set dampness range and lack of an integrated gravity drain hose are actually not negatives as we have explain above, we provide this unit a perfect 5/5 for adaptability (we do not subtract points for a be short of of a built-in pump, moreover, as this is a particular type of functionality not found on the majority 70 pint dehumidifiers).

Extra Features

Temperature Reading

A lot of of the 70 and 50 pint units we tested display room temperature in calculation to ambient air humidity moreover on a divide LED display or on the similar display which showed the dampness by pressing a “show hotness” button. The Frigidaire does not contain a separate exhibit or a button that you be able to press to show temperature reading.


Lots of of the units we tested also feature a unfreeze mode. At lower temperatures hoarfrost can build up on the unit’s evaporator coils. When this happen, defrost mode is activate on units with this additional functionality. In this method the unit’s fans carry on to run to melt the frost and the compressor is shut off. Once the hoarfrost is melt the unit resume normal process.This Frigidaire unit do not offer a deice mode.

Check Filter

The check filter light motivation turn on when the dehumidifier’s filter wants to be cleaned. Some units do not take in this light – you will need to remain track of how long the unit has been in service. This is absolutely a helpful feature and it is built-in with the Frigidaire FAD704DWD.

Overall Category Score

The Frigidaire loses points for not have a defrost mode or a divide temperature present. It does comprise a make sure filter light. The FAD704DWD scores somewhat below standard in this category at 3/5.

Ease of Use

To conclude the ease of using any exacting dehumidifier we take more than a few factors into reflection namely, LED put on view clarity, setup complexity, filter removal complexity, manual clarity, and most notably tank size.

LED Display Clarity

This unit’s LED present was what can best be describe as dull and fuzzy. get a look at video review for a improved idea of why we portray the display this way. We have to velocity the LED display clarity beneath average for this unit.

Setup Difficulty

Due to the effortlessness of the display, it was extremely easy to set the preferred humidity level and timer. This unit scores above standard in this subcategory.

Filter Removal Difficulty

Bottom Slide-Out – the water tank needs to be detached to access the clean for removal. Some of the units we experienced consent to you to remove the filter during the top or side of the item which reduces filter removal complexity. strain removal isn’t amazing that needs to be done frequently, though, so we don’t weigh this subcategory in the in general category score.

Manual Clarity

This model’s physical was very clear and well prearranged – exceeding average.

Water Tank Size

This is effortlessly the most significant “ease of use” quality. At 16.3 pints, the Frigidaire has one of the better condensate collection buckets of the 70 pint units we tested. Bucket size ranges from about 14-17 pints in the 70 pint size class. The Frigidaire’s 16.3 pint water tank is an over average tank size.

Overall Category Score

Even though the Frigidaire’s LED exhibit isn’t one of the improved displays we saw in the 70 pint class, it is still satisfactory and get the job complete. The unit’s filter removal complexity is average, it’s physical clarity is exceeding average, and the water tank size is fine above standard. The Frigidaire scores a 4.5/5 during this category. It loses half a point for the LED present.


Absolutely our most subjective category – our score for aesthetics does not have an effect on the on the whole score for the dehumidifier. With that in brain what we can tell you is that this unit features a extra rounded design than mainly of the other 70 pint units on the marketplace (other units have a extra square design). The front fencing has holes to allow in air as a substitute of drying slits (“louvres”) like mainly other large ability units we tested.

The FAD704DWD has a glossy white finish. We absolutely prefer units with glossy finishes over those with glossy finishes as the previous is much less likely to be a focus for dust and dirt particle. To finish, the Frigidaire logo on the handle, the unit’s organize panel, actually the entire overall intend of the unit is extremely professional. We provide this unit a 4.5/5 for aesthetics which is healthy over average.



The FAD704DWD weighs in at 46 lb. It is the 8th heaviest 70 pint dehumidifier of the ten 70 pint units. Contrast the Frigidaire at 46 lb to the lightest units in the 70 pint type which weigh 40 lb and the heaviest 70 pint part we tested, the Friedrich D70BP, which weighs only 1 lb extra at 47 lb.

We note now that we felt required to knock half a point inedible of the Frigidaire’s portability score suitable to the information that it is one of the heavier 70 pint units we experienced. The extra 5 pounds (compare to the lightest 70 pint units) to take or push (should you require to travel the unit from one position to one more) doesn’t sound similar to greatly but it actually does make a dissimilarity if you will require to do so regularly (as we had to even as testing this unit’s presentation).

We as well find it suitable to note here that the Frigidaire’s shipping weight of 47.8 lb isn’t greatly more than its real weight of 47 lb. This isn’t factual for all units we tested. A lot of had a shipping weight greatly greater than the real unit’s weight which increase shipping costs must you buy the dehumidifier online. This won’t exist the container for the Frigidaire.


This is where the Frigidaire really shines as far as portability is apprehensive. This dehumidifier has collectively a top extendable handle and surface pocket handles which construct it much easier to take and move around than the majority other large ability units that do not present this extra functionality (make up for its extra weight). All additional 70 pint units we experienced had a top lever or side handles, not together. In fact, of the 19 dehumidifiers we experienced, merely the Frigidaire 70 and 50 pint units had together a top extendable handle and side compartment handles.

Cord Storage

Once more, the Frigidaire outperforms the rivalry. Not only does it comprise cord storeroom but we’ve rated it as have above average cord storage space capability for more than a few reasons. First of all, merely four of the ten 70 pint units we weathered in fact come ready with cord storage. Secondly, solitary the Frigidaire and the Whirlpool units are rate above average in this category as they offer build in plastic hooks to wrap up the power cord approximately. The two additional 70 pint units that present cord storage only comprise a plastic strap to insecurely hold the power cord.

Note that the greater part of the 19 units we tested (13 of the 19) do not present cord storage.

Why do we worry so much concerning cord storage?

In research for our reviews, 19 dehumidifiers were continually being moved approximately for different presentation tests. Moving just about units that had cord storage was a lot easier than moving around units that had the cord exhausted behind with nowhere to remain it in or on the unit. If your dampness problem is such that it require that the unit be moved approximately a lot, not organism able to wrap the power cord up carefully on the unit can develop into a headache greatly quicker than you strength think. We highly propose a unit that offer cord storage such as this Frigidaire if you be going to be moving approximately your dehumidifier and not immediately custody it one place.

Of course, life form able to carefully store the power cord is as well a plus if you’re going to be store the unit for long period of time (if you’re only with the dehumidifier seasonally, for case). A dehumidifier prepared with cord storage functionality such as this Frigidaire be able to be neatly stored by its power cord stored in the unit, in its place of laying it next to it or on it, where it can get trapped up by other substance you may be storing – a small feature we know, but this might be a issue that distinguish this unit from another be supposed to you be compare it to a alike 70 pint unit.

Quality of Casters

Throughout our testing we noted that several of the dehumidifiers were easier to move approximately on their casters than others. A few would exhibit some drag when organism moved around. Regrettably, the Frigidaire was one of merely two units (the other life form the Friedrich) that exhibit this “caster drag” when life form moved approximately. When moving the dehumidifier approximately on a flat exterior we wait for it to easily roll approximately on its casters. The majority units had no difficulty doing so. However, this Frigidaire drag its casters around in some actions. While this matter wasn’t actually of too much of a anxiety for us (we were motionless able to travel the unit on its casters) we felt it essential to at least talk about it here.

Overall Category Score

The Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier earns an over average 4/5 in the portability category. We contain to dock half a point for the caster matter and one more half point since this unit is heavier than the common of dehumidifiers in the 70 pint category. though, don’t let these negative mislead you into thoughts that this unit isn’t moveable. The information that the Frigidaire has together a top extendable handle and side handle in adding to exceptional cord storage, makes it one of the majority moveable units on the marketplace in the 70 pint category.

Warranty (Manufacturer’s)

Nine of the ten 70 pint units we experienced come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. The typical industry warranty is one year on the whole unit and two to five years on the preserved system (the compressor, condenser, evaporator as well as tubing). The Frigidaire come with this average industry warranty and consequently receives an standard rating for this class.

The merely units we tested that built-in better warranties in the 70 pint group were the Danby and ArcticAire units. Together come by a 2 year warranty on every one of parts (vs 1 year for the Frigidaire) with 2.5 years on plastic parts.


The FAD704DWD have a street price of about $225. It is the third the majority reasonably priced 70 pint . Just the Keystone ($190) and Haier ($200) units are less exclusive. All things careful, this model is an over average value, though we believe it has just the correct price for what it offers.

Final Thoughts

The Frigidaire come highly not compulsory as a huge buy if you’re look to purchase a 70 pint dehumidifier and do not have need of pump drainage. If you necessitate this functionality we still suggest the Frigidaire but you will require to purchase a condensate pump and related hosing and adapters discretely to install on the unit.

The FAD704DWD is mainly often compare to the Keystone KSTAD70B as customers look to find an affordably priced dependable large capacity dehumidifier to get care of their dampness problems. For a absolute write-up comparing these two units. If you’re look to purchase a 70 pint dehumidifier under $230 you in truth can’t go wrong with moreover one of these units. We also advise the Danby and ArcticAire 70 pint units as likely options, should you require exacting features or functionality not establish on the Frigidaire or Keystone and you’re able to use a little bit more on your purchase. For a greatly more complete contrast of the Frigidaire to other 70 pint dehumidifiers on the marketplace, see Amazon 70 pint dehumidifier buyer’s guide.

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