Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator Review & Guide

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator Review & Guide

If you’re look for large capability and the most excellent features, the Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator Might be the wonderful option for you. This top selling model give you 15 square feet of exposure to air space, it include an modifiable temperature control and automatic timer, and it get top ratings in client reviews online.

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator

It’s also from an outstanding manufacturer. Over and over again referred to as the initial name in food dehydrators, Excalibur has a repute for building excellence, long-lasting products.

This model is a 9-tray, box approach electric food dehydrator with a exclusive drying system designed to make available even heat and air stream for the best consequences on all type of foods.

On the other hand, it isn’t for everybody. Price is one contemplation. Another is the size of the unit, particularly for anyone with very restricted kitchen or storage space. As for all time, you need to “know earlier than you buy”, so this review cover all the particulars to help you make a decision whether this food dehydrator is correct for you.

Features Information

Adaptable Thermostat with 95° to 155° F range, Safe to dry meat for bouncy but lower temps can be use for easily broken foods.

Built-in 26 hour timer.

Exclusive Parallexx Drying organism with temperature restricted, fan forced, straight drying system mount in rear of unit for constant heat allocation across human being trays.

Trays can be uninvolved to agree to for dehydration of bulky items or high jars, or to hoist dough.

15 square feet of drying breathing space – huge for harvest time or hunting period.

Detachable door for easier load and clean up.

Consist of 9 polyscreen tray inserts (bendable mesh sheets)

10 Year Restricted Warranty

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator Review

If you investigate online you may find a lot of perplexity about the warranty on the Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator. Some people believe that in order to acquire the full 10 year limited warranty you must acquire directly from the construct (which will cost you about $70 extra!). Conversely, this is NOT true. To verify it, we contact Excalibur and ask the company if the 10 year warranty apply to this model while it’s purchase from Amazon. In an email dated May 12, 2015, Excalibur client service respond:

“Hello yes if you purchase a new piece from Amazon your warranty motivation be for 10 years for that model. If you buy a used unit it force not be covered beneath warranty.”

You may also be concerned to know that we submit that question on a ordinary shortly after noon, and Excalibur take action within less than an hour. That surely speaks fine for their customer support!

One of the the majority imperative points to note regarding this model is how its timer works. The company calls it a “motor driven timer”, and what that revenue is that if the power goes off even as the dehydrator is in use, the timer keep way of the genuine drying time.

With look upon to safety, Excalibur as well says that this model has 3 divide circuits to defend them from electrical malfunction. This is significant if you plan to go away your dehydrator running unattended throughout the night or while you’re gone from home.

If you know something about dehydration, you’re conscious that temperature is critical. For jerky you require temperatures high enough to process the red meat safely. For a lot of other foods you need to keep away from excessive temperature that can demolish enzymes. This Excalibur model include an adjustable thermostat that enable you to choose the right setting for what you’re ventilation.

Even as the cost may be a disadvantage to some, this is an outstanding dehydrator for any person looking for a high excellence machine that is expedient to use and produce great results through all type of foods.

The over video demonstrate making banana fruit roll ups use an Excalibur 3000 series 5-tray model. The wattage is a bit lesser, but as you can observe, you motionless get the modifiable temperature and timer.

Wattage & Voltage Information

Wattage: This Excalibur model, the 3926TB, be a 600 Watt unit. (You might see conflicting information regarding this online, but it seems that some people are perplexing this food dehydrator through Excalibur’s 5-Tray model which is a 440 Watt unit.)

Voltage: 120 volt 60hz – Sold for use within the USA.

Color & Materials Information

This model is accessible in moreover black or white.

 Want to save a little bucks? prefer white! Go figure – the white dehydrator sells for concerning $15 less than the black.

All external materials and trays are complete of plastic. Tray screens are made of polypropylene #5. The container is made of FDA accepted polycarbonate.

Update (May 12, 2015): At varying times we have see the white dehydrator put up for sale for up to $60 less than the black. If color isn’t an matter for you, be sure to make sure prices of black vs. white earlier than you buy! For More Details Click Here

Made in USA? BPA Free Question

The Product dehydrator is made in the USA in Sacramento, California.

As confirmed above, tray screen are made of plastic called polypropylene #5, which be BPA free. This plastic is as well resistant to high heat, which make it dishwasher secure on the top rack of the majority dishwashers.

The manufacturer does not maintain that the outer casing is BPA free. What they do say is that the container material, made of FDA standard polycarbonate, is secure and does not provide off harmful fumes when used beneath 160°F. The manufacturer’s website additional states:

“The polycarbonate we use is standard as safe by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, European Commission’s Scientific board on Food, United Kingdom Food standard Agency, Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor plus Welfare, and extra regulatory agencies international.”

Size & Capacity Information

Magnitude of this model are just about 19″ deep by 17″ wide by 12.5″ high, and it have 9 trays. One big benefit of the design is that unlike round dehydrators, the trays do not contain a hole in the middle, and the corner are not cut off. This unit provide you a whole of about 15 square feet of ventilation space, which is huge for heavy duty users or anybody who process a lot of food at sure times of the year (such as garden crop time or hunting period).

The unit can be operated at full capacity, half capacity, or with only 1 or 2 trays in use. You can also remove trays to accommodate very thick foods, tall jars used for making yogurt, larger craft items, or to make space to raise dough.

What’s Included Information

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator Guide

You acquire the dehydrator and an tutoring booklet. That’s it!

The trays do include a small lip, which is essential for making fruit fleece or processing several type of non-solid foods. Nonetheless, you will require to buy the non-stick bendable dehydrator sheets that are sold disjointedly. (See “Optional Accessories” below.)

Message that this is a 9 Tray unit and is not intended to accommodate any supplementary trays.

Optional Accessories Information

The only accessories accessible (or wanted) for this mechanism are non-stick dehydrator sheets. They are sold in pack of 9 and assess 14″ by 14″ but can be cut to size. These are solid but super bendable sheets that covered with DuPont Teflon. You’ll wish for to invest in these if you plan to create fruit leather or procedure soups, sauces, pureed fruits or else vegetables, or any additional liquid or semi-liquid.

Customer Reviews Information

By the side of the time of this writing over 80% of online reviewers provide the Excalibur 3927TB model an outstanding rating. The only reliable complaint is that the unit can be rather louder than predictable and that the door may unnerve. Those who declare this use simple solution, such as moving the unit to an additional room to diminish noise, and tape the door to stop rattle. Overall, even individuals with minor complaints are motionless extremely satisfied with the superiority of this dehydrator and the consequences they get at what time using it. Read Customer Reviews on Amazon Site.

Pros Information

Plenty of tray space large size works for important users or peak season dispensation.

Modifiable temperature control – works well and goes low sufficient for the “living food” temperature range.

Timer with automatic shut-off – you can go away the unit unattended if essential (one of the best features).

Will contain thick foods and tall items – simply remove over trays to expand obtainable space.

Excalibur has an recognized reputation for developed high quality, top of the row products.

Cons Information

Cons Information

Cost – more pricey than dehydrators that don’t contain a timer

May be a little noisier than some additional dehydrators.

Does not comprise solid sheets for fruit leathers or pathetic foods.

Controls located at extremely back of machine can be not convenient if unit is used on counter beneath cabinets.

Price Information

The most excellent price by far is on Amazon. At most recent check, the manufacturer showed this model as organism on sale, and the manufacturer’s sale price be still about $240 additional than what you’ll pay on Amazon. (And in casing you missed this over, yes, you can buy this model from Amazon, and the manufacturer will motionless honor the 10 year limited warranty.) Current Price Click here

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator Review: Summary

This is a excellence machine that include the most important feature for winning results, an modifiable thermostat, and it also include the convenience of an automated timer. It’s huge for heavy duty users or public that hunt or garden and expect excessive usage through peak seasons.

If your financial plan is limited this is almost certainly not the machine you desire to start with. You might want to check out the much subordinate priced Nesco Snackmaster Pro, which doesn’t contain a timer but sells for a a great deal lower price.

But if cost isn’t an matter and you desire a quality dehydrator with a large capability and all the most excellent features, you will absolutely want to give serious thought to the Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator. Read More Details On Amazon Click here

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