Epsilon Electronics Inc and Brand Popularity

Epsilon Electronics Inc is a company that sells and manufactures entertainment products. They specialize in audio and video products for automotive companies. In order for customers to recognize their products as good quality, the CEO Jack Rochel is in charge of the company’s standard and to ensure everything is running smoothly from the marketing part of the job to the manufacturing part. The company has five sub-brands that all manufacture different car accessories and different lighting and audio products for concerts and big events, or just your basic home luxury needs.

Epsilon Electronics Inc and Brand Popularity


The products they offer are all audio and video products for cars especially and DJ equipment as well. The most popular brand that Epsilon Electronics Inc has is Power Accoustik. This particular brand has audio speakers for cars, even marine audio and DJ equipment. Power Accoustik’s is a well-known brand name and the fact that Epsilon Electronics Inc carries this popular brand in California; it makes consumers actually want to buy from them.

Power Accoustik’s Products

-DJ Speakers with LED Lighting

-Car Video: headrests, source units, DVD players, headsets and overhead monitors.

-Car Audio: Epsilon Electronics Inc also self-amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, caps and wires, window tint, processor and marina audio.

Other Brands

They also have Sound stream as one of the popular brands and Farenheit, which is another brand with Power Accoustik’s.  Precision Power is also one of their more known products

Due to Epsilon Electronic Inc and their diversified product inventory, more customers will be attracted to this. Their target audience if for any age range due to the fact that they have regular home speakers, to built in car speakers and DJ sets. As a successful company known for their electronics, Epsilon Electronic Inc needs to always stay innovative in order to stay competitive in the entertainment industry. Individuals are always looking for unique products and services. What Epsilon Electronics Inc needs to do is constantly put money towards their research and development of new and unique products to attract more buyers. Knowing what products and brands are the most popular has already been done for the company now what they need to do is focus more on their research and development or even put money towards marketing and giving promotions for the other brands who are slow movers and need some more product recognition from consumers.

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