Do you hear wedding bells!

Yes well, it is common knowledge that trying to organize a perfect wedding isn’t that easy! Everything needs to be perfect: from the brides wedding dress to the invitation cards, nothing can be less then inch-perfect! After all, you get married only once! And since these invites are what basically set the theme of the event, they need to be perfect!

Finding the right kinds of cards can be a difficult job,thus giving the poor bride a minor panic attack! But since this part of the wedding is supposed to be fun all you need to do is; take a deep breath and plan out what kind of invites you want.

invitation cards

Set up a theme!

Normally brides already decide on what kind of invites they want with what theme, but once they see the sample invitation cards all this planning goes to waste. However, it is better to keep an open mind when dealing with the invites when you already have a particular color theme set out. You will find many cards that you will like; however there will also be many cards which you will like a lot but you might just not want to use them for your wedding. The best way is to set up a color theme and to stick with it while ordering these cards. This will make the selection a lot easier as compared to having a design theme.

Look after your budget too!

Now since you are planning out your wedding, be sure to keep your budget intact. Invitation cards can get pretty pricey. And since it becomes even more difficult to suggest a reasonable price according to the designs and details that have been chosen! Make sure that you compare the prices of different cards from different e-market places to see that you are receiving a reasonable price. Consider the best option and all the facilities that are being offered; free shipping, before you select any.

Different people different choices!

You’ll find many different invitation designs to choose from. However, if you plan on having a traditional wedding you might prefer the classic invites. With a white cardstock and gold lettering! Keep away from the boldly colored ribbons and stones which end up giving a very girlish look to the cards. The best way to impress your guest is by having a simple yet elegant invitation card without any picture of the young couple or any picture as a matter of fact.

You can also shop for the invitation cards online and can save your time. Wedding Bliss Lane is one of the places where you’ll be provided with a chance to get customized designed invites. You can then design your cards according to your requirements.

But remember it is better if you buy a sample to see before you place an order. In this way, you’ll be assured of the quality of the card remember viewing the card up close can make all the difference in the world. Find out what you want before contacting the vendor, keep an open mind and enjoy the process!

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