How to Manage a Diverse Workplace?

In large cities, it is quite common to work with people from different people of all sorts of backgrounds. Therefore learning about those different demographics and cultures will help ... Continue Reading →
How Ethics and Culture Influence the Workplace

How Ethics and Culture Influence the Workplace

There are two factors which dictate how we will behave: our values and our personality. Those people who are most likely to make unethical decisions, according to research, are people ... Continue Reading →
Jack Rochel

Marketing mix; Tips from Jack Rochel

Before marketing a product to the public, it is important to understand how to market it, how to price it, where to sell it, and the promotional messages. When the president and CEO ... Continue Reading →
Murphy Ben International

Murphy Ben International

Murphy Ben international is a Nigerian company that operates from 27 African countries. The company specializes in multiple industries offering goods and services which include online ... Continue Reading →

Elements Of A Healthier Bite List

Among the strategies that are main to improve eating habits and your lifestyle would be to alter the type of bites which you have. Healthful bites will help cut your calorie consumption ... Continue Reading →