The Most Expensive Cars to Maintain

Car lovers should never ignore anything when it comes to maintenance. They can forget about anything but not their car. Especially when it’s like the super expensive car, they care more carefully. Their cars are so dear to them that they would go to any limit. They cannot even afford a scratch. If anything like this happens, you’ll see them go crazy. Their interest in cars is really fascinating. Owning a very expensive car and then taking care of it is really a tough job. You have to keep everything in balance so nothing goes wrong. A person whose income is average cannot own a very expensive car and of course he won’t be able to bear the burden of its maintenance too. You just don’t go to a car showroom one day and pick any car you like. Having a car might cost you so much. You can only afford a car if you can save enough money to maintain it after paying all the taxes too. Owning a car can cost you so much. A person who buys the most expensive thing is the car. The first expensive thing is house. He tries to buy the house which is very beautiful and amazing. The car is the second most expensive thing. After buying a house their first priority is to buy a car which is very expensive. Of course expensive cars look really amazing. They literally change the look of a person if anyone owns them. But again, it’s not an easy thing to do. If you are on your own and you are paying bills, taxes, and spending money on your basic living things, then car maintenance could have you looking up payday loan requirements. So you have to think very wisely before finding a car. A list of the most expensive cars can help you in picking a car of your choice and to help you in thinking which could be maintained easily after buying.


BMW’s Are Expensive to Maintain

  • Everyone has heard of BMW whether he owns the car or not. This car brand is the most expensive brand in the world and thus costs a lot of money to maintain. According to an estimation based on 10 years’ experience one needs $17,800 for keeping your car up to date. This is a lot of money. But for your convenience BMW offers to maintain your car after you have used it for a certain period of time. If you have used it for 4 years or run it for 50,00 miles, then you can take your car for service which is a free service. After that you have your car to pay the maintenance costs. Everything is already mentioned in the vehicle maintenance booklet which they give you while purchasing it. The services included in the maintenance program are:
  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Filter
  • Brake Fluid
  • Cabin Micro Filter(s)
  • Engine Air Filter(s)
  • Spark plugs
  • Remote Control or Key Battery
  • Vehicle Check
  • Fuel Filter (Diesel Engines only)

Mercedes-Benz Is a Close Second

  • The second most expensive car that cost more maintenance cost is Mercedes-Benz. Its total maintenance cost goes up to $12,900. This cost is less than BMW but not very less. You need to have a very handsome amount of income so you could pay the cost. The company also gives a chart in which they have mentioned their maintenance services. They have 2 schedules as schedule A and B. Schedule A includes services for the cars which have covered 10,000 miles. These cars can have the service accordingly. The other schedule which is schedule B is for the cars which have run 20,000 miles. These services are to prolong the life of your car and remove any problem which might create trouble for you.

Cadillac is Third

  • Cadillac maintenance cost is $12,500. This is the average cost over 10 years. This is $400 less than the Benz. The purpose of maintenance is to provide your car with the latest technology and repair the problems. Every company makes sure to provide its customers an easy ride and to provide people with all luxuries which they are expecting. To fulfill this purpose, they provide services which are best for your car. Cadillac provides its customers premium care maintenance. They provide you the best technicians are experts in that field who can make your cars ride smooth on the road. With premium care service you can have your car’s oil changed, tire rotation and many other inspections as well.

The Rest of Expensive Car Brands to Maintain

  • The other most expensive car is a Volvo, Audi and Saturn, which cost $12,500, $12,400 respectively. These branded cars do not cost any less than the other cars. They are likely to get worn and torn out easily if not maintained or taken care very well.
  • Mercury is ranked as the 7th most expensive car brand. Its maintenance cost goes up to $12,000. They too offer maintenance services as well.
  • Pontiac, Chrysler, Dodge are a bit cheaper than the other brands. Their cost is $11,800, $10,600 respectively. They do not cost much if we compare them to other expensive brands so can stop researching how to get a title loan for extra cash. And also they are easy to maintain.
  • Acura and Infiniti stand 11 and 12 respectively. Their cost range is between $9,000 to &10, 000.
  • Ford costs $9,100 on maintenance.
  • Kia, Land Rover and Chevrolet cost the same. Their maintenance cost is $8,800.
  • Jeep, Sabaru and Hyundai’s maintenance cost are $8,200.
  • Toyota is the cheaper brand and cost less any other brand. Its total cost over the period of 10 years is $5,500. It is $10,000 less expensive.

A good car should provide an easy ride to its owners. These luxury cars are meant for this purpose. They are likely to provide a good and a stress free ride to the passengers. That is why it is very important for cars to be maintained. It’s like giving a new life to them. Their maintenance is like a drug to them which keeps them healthy. If not provided the cars can be really hard to handle, even if it is a top branded car, one should be very aware of the problems a car is having and should be taken care.

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