What can women do about hair loss?

Yes, being a woman comes with a lot of concerns. Hair is considered as one of the most critical and essential part of our presence and how we look to the world. A major part of how we look is determined by the quality and the kind of hair we have. With age it becomes difficult to manage our hair and requires special effort from our sides to take proper care of it. In big cities like Delhi, Beijing, Mumbai etc. people hardly have time to take care their health properly. There is a sudden surge in the number of women who are looking for hair transplant in Delhi as a result of all these hair problems.


Because hair is considered such an essential part of our femininity, we ought to take an extra step towards taking proper care of it. Prevention is always better than cure. If you are late to take proper precautions remember that it is better do hair transplant surgeries. You may need to look at the hair transplant cost in Delhi and as well as in other major cities.

The majority of women suffer major depression due to constant hairfall, this is for all of them to realize that it is not the end of the world and that they can actually follow very simple everyday rules to help avoiding hairloss.

Take a look

  1. Stop taking stress: Yes! Stress is a very critical factor that leads to hair loss. Our hair basically has three stages ofthe  lifecycle, the growth phase, the resting phase and the shedding phase. Extreme stress, generates a lot of heat in the body and a lot of chemicals being released that push the hair follicles very fast to their shedding phase and thus causes hair fall.The good news here is that the same hair will grow back again and there isn’t really any reason to stress about that.
  2. Pregnancy issues: Yes. Something as beautiful as the process of childbirth will come with its share of pros and cons. During pregnancy, sometimes due to a lot of hormones flushing into your body at different levels, some of the hair on your scalp that is in the resting phase is pushed onto the shedding phase. This is what causes a lot of hair fall during this time, but one must not worry as right after childbirth this issue is sorted and within a years time one can find the hair returning back to its normal cycle and not causing any issues.
  3. Stop crash diets: Crash diets are the sudden diet programs we follow where we deprive our body food for along time just do cut down the fat levels. Yes, It maybe a great weight loss method,but it has a myriad of side effects. One of them is hair loss. Remember depriving the body of protein or excess vitamin A in the body can very well lead to hair loss in lumps. Once you start getting back to your normal diet regime, your hair will also return back to its normal cycle.
  4. Proper medications: Sometimes a major hairfall reason Is heredity. if your whole family chain has faced hairfall at the certain age, you are most likely to face hairfall issues at that time too. But there is nothing to freak out as you can always help these conditions with proper medications. Medications like Minoxidil (Rogaine) is very beneficial during these times according to experts. But always use medications after been prescribed by your physician.


  1. Lasers and hair transplants: Devices that emit low energy laser light may help treat major hair fall issues, but the results in this case will only be seen in 2-3 months time. But the results are surely effective. One must only use this after consulting their personal physician.

Hair transplant involves moving hair from the dense hair areas to the light hair areas. The results in this case are excellent and permanent, but again consulting the doctor is a must in this case too.

  1. Tips while styling your hair: women who regular styling devices, like heaters, rollers and straighteners must be very careful of their hair. One must not use extreme heated devices on the hair for very long times, neither use devices that dry the hair or tie it tightly for a long time. The effects of these are that the hair becomes too fragile or too dry and fickle from the roots and thus it easily breaks off. Ensure that these styling measures are done carefully so that it does not affect your hair natural cycle.


  1. Eat well: Eating well is very essential for proper hair growth and to avoid hair loss. If your hair is falling at an extreme rate, watch your diet. See if you are lacking the essential proteins that your body requires, eat more of salmons, nuts, eggs and green vegetables for strong hair that does not break off easily.

These are the various ways you can take action to avoid all your hair loss issues and also help treat hair loss when it occurs.

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