Can You Quit Your Day Job for Uber?

It sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? The concept of walking into your boss’ office to tell them you don’t need them anymore. You’ve found a job where you can make your own schedule, set your own rules and be your own superior. All you have to do is use your car to make your living from now on. Hopefully, you don’t want to do this too badly because there’s a reason why you haven’t seen this happening more often. However, if the thought still sounds intriguing, we’ll answer some basic questions before you make your first move.

Can You Quit Your Day Job for Uber

Should I Choose the Uber Platform?

Uber is by far the largest ridesharing service, with practically every major area covered. While you can certainly look to other applications like Lyft or the brand new Chariot for Women (which only supplies rides to children and chicks), Uber will probably be the simplest one to use. Not only is it likely to be available in your neighborhood, but it will also have the most name recognition amongst the general population. Plus, there’s normally nothing stopping you from signing up with more than one application at a time (e.g. be an Uber and Lyft driver simultaneously.)

How Much Will This Cost Me?

Your insurance policy may have to change, the wear and tear on the car will increase and you’ll be shelling out more for gas. You will also be taxed differently as an Uber driver. When you calculate ridesharing expenses, everything counts. Passengers rates have come down substantially as these services have caught on and caused more competition than ever before.

Will I Make $30 an Hour?

The short answer is no. The average rates are about $17 for someone driving fewer than 15 hours a week, and $18 for a driver who averages between 40 – 45 hours. This does not factor in expenses, so it’s no surprise that most people use this as a form of supplemental income rather than a full-time gig. It’s true that during surge pricing on major holidays (think New Years Eve) in major cities like NYC and LA can give you a nice bonus for just a few hours of work, but this isn’t the normal experience.

How Well Do I Know My City?

People who know their directions and speak English as their native language tend to fare better on average. This stems from being able to give and get directions better, and just having a better communication strategy overall with customers. It boosts ratings and can make you more in-demand for the slower times.

Do I Feel Safe?

An anxious driver will be a buzz-kill to passengers and can cause them to make mistakes on the road. Most people just want to be smart and take an Uber when they’ve had too much to drink, but sometimes situations get out of control. Even if a person leaves you alone, you may have to clean up the mess they left behind. You are taking chances when you let people you don’t know into your car, and that’s a deal-breaker for many people.

What Are the Common Complaints?

Uber has been somewhat vilified due to the CEO’s brash statements about their valuation while drivers continue to see slipping rates. It depends on who you talk to, but the major complaints is that Uber takes too much away without providing enough back to drivers. Customers may cancel at will which drives the drivers crazy and wastes time. People have also claimed that rides are charged incorrectly, and that the applications can be difficult or confusing to use.

Any Other Advice?

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to sit around at home when you have free time, you feel comfortable around people of all kinds and you have the entrepreneurial spirit, then this is probably something you should try on for size. Start out part-time and see where it goes. Go the extra mile for your passengers for best results. Giving out small bottles of water isn’t expensive, but you could see the appreciation for that water come in the form of a bigger tip. You absolutely can quit your job for this, but it’ll take some know-how and more than a little effort.

Regardless of whether or not you drive for Uber or just drive yourself to work and back, you need smart driving skills when on the road. Taking a traffic school course can mean a decrease in your insurance if you have a clean driving record, and can eliminate points on your license if you receive a citation. Attending a comedy traffic school course can actually make it fun instead of a chore!

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