Indian women wear a variety of jewellery, and each one of them carries an important meaning. But among all the different types of jewellery, it is the Mangalsutra that is the most important. If you are preparing for your wedding but are unable to choose a Mangalsutra, go through the tips mentioned in this post to make the process easier.

A Mangalsutra is a gold necklace with small black beads and a pendant. It symbolises the union of women to her life partner and holds great importance for every Hindu woman. On the wedding day, the groom is required to make the bride wear the Mangalsutra, which she will wear throughout her married life.
As with every type of jewelry, Diamond mangalsutra also comes in a variety of designs and across a wide price range to suit everyone’s preferences. If you are finding it difficult to choose a Mangalsutra for your wedding, the below-mentioned tips are sure to help you out.
1. Pre-Fix a Budget
One of the most important considerations while buying a Mangalsutra is your budget. As mentioned above, Mangalsutra’s are available across a very wide price range and having a fixed budget in mind will enable you to browse through the options that are within your budget, saving you time. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the options, making it easier for you to choose one quickly.
2. Design
While a Mangalsutra is of great importance in the Hindu tradition, modern women prefer wearing something stylish as compared to the traditional Mangalsutra design of golden necklace and black beads. As a result, a Mangalsutra is now available in a variety of designs, like designer Diamond mangal sutra with pendants in the shape of a flower, petals, etc. So, browse through the available options and then choose one that appeals you the most.
3. Metal
Apart from the design of the pendant, you can also experiment with the different metals that are now used to make the chain of a Mangalsutra. If golden chain with black beads is not your thing, you can also go for chains made from silver or other metals or is a combination of multiple metals. Also, make sure that you consider your dressing sense while selecting one. For instance, if you usually wear traditional clothes, a Mangalsutra with a chain made from gold, black beads, and a diamond pendant can be great. But if you wear modern clothes on a daily basis, something stylish that is made from silver with a beautiful diamond pendant can look great.
4. Choose Something Light in Weight
Mangalsutra is something that a woman needs to wear throughout her lifetime and thus it is crucial for its design to be practical and durable. Thus, it is imperative to make sure that you choose a Mangalsutra that is light in weight to ensure that it can keep up with the busy schedule of modern women.
While a Mangalsutra carries a lot of importance for a married woman, you can experiment with various designs and patterns to ensure that it can keep up with your dressing sense and your busy schedule. Use the tips mentioned above and you’ll surely find a Mangalsutra that is perfect for you.

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